A Comprehensive Management Partner

You expect the management group you hire to provide complete management services. We do. What we won’t do is provide a one size fits all set of solutions. Working together, we’ll examine your operation and determine your specific needs. We’ll evaluate your staff, your operating procedures and infrastructure. Then we’ll create an individualized action plan that will first improve resident care, service and satisfaction. When that happens, a better return on investment follows.

We Supervise All Day-To-Day Operations

From the maintenance of the property to the food and beverage operations, from the front desk greeting and other staff procedures to the work of the housekeeping staff – every part of daily operations is worthy of our attention and best effort.

We Take Care of Staffing Needs and Human Resources

Getting the best from people takes more than a job description. It takes creating an environment where people work together as a team, nurturing, caring for and respecting one another. Where communication is open and ideas are implemented. Where they enjoy work and feel the possibility of personal fulfillment. Because we’ve learned that when people feel valued they take pride in what they do and they do their best.

We Handle All Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Maintaining high levels of occupancy depends on a superior sales force supported by good marketing materials. We oversee everything from the hiring and training of the sales team to the development of your marketing plan and the creation of smart, effective advertising and marketing materials.

We Implement All Necessary Operating Systems, Policies, and Procedures

Having the right policies and procedures in place is the first step to having your operation run at peak efficiency. We make sure all policy and procedural manuals, employee manuals, resident agreements, accounting systems and external compliance reporting requirements are properly developed, installed, executed and maintained.

We Manage Your Investment and Your Risk

We prepare an annual budget, create an expenditure plan and obtain owner review and approval. We prepare monthly reports, keep accurate track of actual expenditures against budget allotments and issue variance reports. We keep balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, manage the general ledger, provide loan covenant summaries, and develop an interactive dashboard system that will be tailored to your needs. We make sure you have adequate insurance coverage and that it’s kept current. We assess and monitor current and future risk and make sure it’s in line with your risk tolerance.

“It’s about creating an atmosphere of love, respect, support, and security that allows every resident to make their years with us the best of their lives. Ultimately it’s about being a family.”
– Steve Roskamp, Freedom Senior Management